Chinese External Medicine

Chen Hong-feng
Li Dao-fang
Han Chou-ping

Chinese External Medicine is the branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions pertaining to the body’s surface, unlike Chinese Internal Medicine’s focus on internal organ systems. External Medicine, or Wai Ke, refers to conditions that can be seen with the eye or palpated.

Until the publication of Chinese External Medicine little has been done to introduce essential Wai Ke diagnostic and treatment methods to the West. Eight chapters are devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of sores and ulcerations, breast conditions, goiters, skin lesions, sexually transmitted diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, and other conditions totaling 92 external conditions.

Internal therapies, medicinal formulas, external applications, and acupuncture treatments are provided along with 60 case studies in this comprehensive International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine textbook. Both Chinese characters and pinyin are provided for easy reference.

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852 pages


7.25 in x 10.25 in.

Publication Date January 2011

Practitioners, instructors, and students of Traditional Chinese Medicine

ISBN 9787117142687