PMPH USA seeks new titles that are poised on the advancing edge of translational medicine as well as those that reinforce and develop well-established techniques and treatments for students and doctors new to practicing medicine and dentistry.

We also are looking for titles that apply interdisciplinary approaches to treatment. Examples of these include our successful books Oral Medicine and Obstetric Medicine.

We also publish in the related fields of public health and biostatistics. We welcome your proposal and suggest using our publication proposal form to let us know about your book ideas.

Please submit all proposals to Linda Mehta, publisher and general manager, as a pdf file, by email

The proposal form will allow you to provide the following information:

Author/Editor CVs and brief bios

  • Provide a brief biography and CV for each principal author or editor.

Description of the project     

  • Please provide a working title. Include a brief summary of the book’s purpose and position in the literature: Is this a new edition of an existing title? Will this be written by one to three authors, or will it be an edited volume with several authors contributing chapters? How does the book fill a gap in the literature? Is this a new area of medicine or dentistry? Will the book address advances in the field? New clinical treatments?

Intended audience

  • What area(s) of specialization (primary/secondary) will be addressed? Will the book look at overlapping or closely related specializations and potential cross-specialization collaborations? If the book is interdisciplinary, will it help define a new area of medicine or dentistry? Which needs for these specialists will be addressed?
  • Is there anything in particular that makes the time of publication significant for the audience?
  • What Associations or Societies would be served by this book? When are their principal meetings held?

Comparison with competing titles

  • Provide a list of competing titles.
  • Compare your proposed publication with the competition: What’s new? What’s different? Is it a serious overview that will be useful as a handbook or will it be an in-depth treatment of the field that provides a new perspective?
  • Will there be any special, stand-out features that we should know about for marketing?


  • Will the book be most useful as a print-only publication or will e-books in various formats be used instead of—or in addition to—print?
  • Do you expect to need supplemental online materials such as videos or auxiliary images that will be available to purchasers?


  • Number of line drawings
  • Number of halftones (photographs)
  • Number of illustrations prepared by a medical illustrator
  • Number of tables


  • What trim size do you think would work best for the material you expect to be presenting (particularly tables and images)?
  • How many printed pages do you estimate the final book will contain? You can come up with a rough estimate with the following rule of thumb:
    • For an 8½ x 11″ trim size, three manuscripts pages will equal one printed page.
    • For a 6 x 9″ trim size, two manuscript pages will equal one printed page
    • These are not the only trim sizes possible, but this rubric should help in estimating final page count.