Chinese Internal Medicine

Xie Jian-qun

Professor and Chief Physician of Chinese Internal Medicine
Longhua Hospital
Shanghai, China

Ming-Dong Li, PhD

Doctor of Acupuncture
Center for East-West Medicine
David Geffen School of Medicine
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Han Chou-ping

International Education College
Shanghai, China

A volume in the International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine series, Chinese Internal Medicine is an international collaboration of Chinese medicine experts covering the theory and practice of Chinese internal medicine in greater depth than any English language textbook available.

The material in this text comprises course material for a professional course of training in TCM. The scope of the material contained in this textbook is approximately equal to that for students of TCM colleges in China, and coincides with the requirements in the Examination Syllabus for TCM Professional Practitioners Worldwide.

Individual chapters contain common conditions as well as annexes or associated pathologies. Each chapter is composed of an overview of the pathology, causative factors, pathogenesis, diagnostic criteria, differential diagnosis, pattern identification and treatment, a summary, a case study, prevention and life-style recommendations, and acupuncture treatments for each category of disease. Abundant classical references are also included.

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817 pages


7.25 in. x 10.1375 in.

Publication Date March 2013

Clinicians, instructors, and students of Chinese medicine and acupuncture

ISBN 9787117172554