Conquering Pain

James B. Forrest

Professor of Anesthesia and Medicine
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Conquering Pain: An Illustrated Guide to Pain Relief and Pain Management describes the main features of pain management and pain relief. Perfect for use as patient resource material, it features a medical terminology reference section for patient readers.

The guide explores the nature of pain, the part the mind plays in it, and how both practitioner and patient might define pain. Conquering Pain provides specific exercise programs and a detailed discussion of the most common pain problems and how to deal with them.

Chapter 1. Pain and Suffering
Chapter 2. The Global Pain Epidemic
Chapter 3. Knowing Your Pain
Chapter 4. Pain Words:  Yours and Your Doctor’s
Chapter 5. Your Mind and Your Pain
Chapter 6. The Pain Map
Chapter 7.Taking Charge of Your Pain
Chapter 8. Pain Management versus Pain Relief
Chapter 9. How to Manage Your Pain
Chapter 10. Exercising Your Way Out of Pain
Chapter 11. How to Find Relief from Your Pain
Chapter 12. Common Pain Problems

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Book Details

88 pages
Color illustrations
5.375 X 8.375



Publication Date March 1994

Primary care physicians, patients

ISBN 9780969778103