Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine

Chen Jia-xu

Professor, TCM Diagnostics Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Beijing, China

Jane Frances-Wilson

Senior Lecturer School of Life Sciences University of Westminster London, United Kingdom

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Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine is based on the National Textbooks Course given by Professor Chen Jia-xu at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. As taught in the training course, this volume describes applying the four diagnostic methods, pattern differentiation according to the eight principles, pathogenic factors, qi, blood, and body fluids, zang-fu organs, and other types of pattern differentiation. Professor Chen clearly explains the diagnostic principles to stimulate faster learning of the complex concepts and principles of Chinese medicine.

Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine is a volume in the International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine series. These professional manuals were developed as university level classroom texts in response to a need for deeper understanding of Chinese medicine worldwide.

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391 pages


Paperback, DVD
7.25 in. X 10 in.

Publication Date December 2011

Practitioners, students, and instructors of Chinese Medicine

ISBN 9787117146500