Essentials of Oral Medicine

Sol Silverman Jr., MA DDS

Division of Oral Medicine
Department of Stomatology
University of California School of Dentistry
San Francisco, California

L. Roy Eversole, DDS MSD MA

Department of Pathology and Medicine
University of the Pacific School of Dentistry
San Francisco, California

Edmond L. Truelove, DDS, MSD

Professor and Chairperson
Department of Oral Medicine
University of Washington
University of Washington Medical  Center
Seattle, Washington

The authors of Essentials of Oral Medicine prepared the text to help clinicians improve patient evaluation and treatment, deliver optimal patient care, and prevent complications. Extensive knowledge of dental, medical, and basic sciences is required for clinicians managing diseases and conditions which affect the head and neck. Disorders may reflect local disease, oral manifestations of systemic diseases, or oral conditions that can affect other organ systems. Continuing education in the field never ends.

Essentials of Oral Medicine is organized into five sections: The Patient Workup, The Medically Compromised Patient, Infectious Disease, Soft Tissue Disease, and Facial Pain and Neurology. Color illustrations aid the the reader classifying deviations and disease.

Section 1: The Patient Workup
Chapter 1. Procurement of the History
Chapter 2. Physical Diagnosis of the Head and Neck

Section 2: The Medically Compromised Patient
Chapter 3. Cardiovascular Diseases
Chapter 4. Renal Diseases and Hypertension
Chapter 5. Respiratory Diseases
Chapter 6. Diseases of the Liver and Gastrointestinal Tract
Chapter 7. Bleeding Disorders
Chapter 8. Blood Dyscrasias
Chapter 9. Endocrine Diseases
Chapter 10. Parathyroid Disease and Calcium Metabolism
Chapter 11. Adverse Drug Reactions

Section 3: Infectious Diseases
Chapter 12. Mechanisms of Infection and Host Defense
Chapter 13. Herpesviruses and Enteroviruses
Chapter 14. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Disease
Chapter 15. Human Papillomaviruses and Papillary Oral Lesions
Chapter 16. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus Infections
Chapter 17. Bacterial Infections
Chapter 18. Oral Fungal Infections
Chapter 19. Infection Control

Section 4: Soft Tissue Disease
Chapter 20. Oral Premalignancies and Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Chapter 21. Immunopathologic Mucosal Lesions
Chapter 22. Pigmentations of the Oral Mucosa and Facial Skin
Chapter 23. Swellings and Tumors of the Oral Cavity and Face
Chapter 24. Orofacial Granulomatosis and Other Inflammatory Lesions
Chapter 25. Developmental Mucosal Conditions
Chapter 26. Diseases of the Salivary Glands

Section 5: Facial Pain And Neurology
Chapter 27. Special Senses: Disorders of Taste and Smell
Chapter 28. Pain Mechanisms
Chapter 29. Pain and Behavior
Chapter 30. Temporomandibular Disorders
Chapter 31. Headache
Chapter 32. Orofacial Neuralgias and Neuropathic Pain
Chapter 33. Atypical Facial Pain
Chapter 34. Burning Mouth Syndrome
Chapter 35. Regional and Referred Orofacial Pain
Chapter 36. Orofacial Pain in Patients with Cancer

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Publication Date October 2001

Dentists, trainees, students

ISBN 9781550091465