Facial Soft Tissue Reconstruction: Thomas Procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery

Gregory Branham, MD FACS

Professor and Chief-Facial Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery
Department of Otolaryngology
Washington University School of Medicine
St Louis, Missouri

Thomas Procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery is a seven-volume series covering the full spectrum of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, with contributions written by nationally recognized facial plastic surgeons detailing their own clinical techniques and practices.

Each volume is generously illustrated with superb clinical and surgical photos and numerous detailed case study photos. This series is of great value to experienced surgeons and as a teaching tool for resident level physicians.

Facial Soft Tissue Reconstruction presents a pragmatic approach to the topic and outlines commonly used techniques that yield consistent and reproducible results. The authors have emphasized the techniques and procedural aspects of the discipline providing step-by-step illustrations of the techniques.

The series can be purchased individually or as a complete set: Thomas Procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery seven-volume bundle.

Chapter 1 Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin
Histology of the Skin
Vascular Anatomy
Neural Anatomy
Pilosebaceous Units
Random Pattern Flaps
Axial Pattern Flaps
Factors Affecting Flap Survival
Tissue Injury Response
Inflammatory Phase
Proliferative Phase
Comorbid Disease and Other Factors
Suggested References

Chapter 2 Basic Wound Healing
Phases of Wound Healing
Wound Tensile Strength
Factors Affecting Wound Healing
Local Factors Affecting Wound Healing
Systemic Factors Affecting Wound Healing
Aberrant Wound Healing: Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars
Suggested References

Chapter 3 Soft Tissue Techniques
Local Anesthesia
Topical Anesthetics
Tumescent Anesthesia
Incision Planning
Wound Closure Techniques
Suture Selection
Cutaneous Tissue Adhesives
Suggested References

Chapter 4 Principles of Flap Design and Preoperative Analysis
Vascular Supply
Facial Esthetic Units
Relaxed Skin Tension Lines
Other Factors
Local Flaps
Types of Local Flaps
Advancement Flaps
Rotation Flap
Transposition Flaps
Suggested References

Chapter 5 Skin Grafts
Planning and Preoperative Analysis
Recipient Site
Donor Sites for Split Thickness Grafts
Harvesting Split Thickness Grafts
Placement of the Skin Graft
Donor Sites for Full Thickness Grafts
Healing of Skin Grafts
Postoperative Care
Suggested References

Chapter 6 Nasal Reconstruction
Nasal Anatomy
Nasal Defect Analysis
Nasal Defect Preparation
Choice of Reconstructive Technique
Alternatives to Local Flaps
Total Nasal Defects
Nasal Dorsum Reconstruction
Subtotal Dorsal Defects
Nasal Sidewall
Nasal Tip
Nasal Ala
Nasal Lining Restoration
Auricular Composite Grafts
Bipedicle Vestibular Skin Advancement Flap
Septal Mucoperichondrial Hinge Flaps: Ipsilateral and Contralateral
Inferior Turbinate Flap
Septal Composite Chondromucosal Pivotal Flap
Forehead Flap
Epithelial Turn-in Flap
Suggested References

Chapter 7 Lip and Perioral Reconstruction
Facial Analysis
Special Preoperative Considerations
Oral/Perioral Defect Analysis
Choice of Reconstructive Technique
Defect considerations
Postoperative Care
Suggested Readings

Chapter 8 Forehead and Brow Reconstruction
Vascular Supply
Neural Anatomy
Defect Analysis
Defect Preparation
Choice of Reconstructive Technique
Alternatives to Local Flaps
Temporal Region
Suggested References

Chapter 9 Cheek Reconstruction
Vascular Supply
Neural Anatomy
Defect Analysis
Defect Preparation
Choice of Reconstructive Technique
Alternatives to Local Flaps
Posterior Cheek
Anterior Cheek
Central/Inferior Cheek
Superior Cheek

Chapter 10 Eyelid and Periocular Reconstruction
Regional Anatomic Considerations
Eyelid Reconstruction
Postoperative Care
Eyelid Malpositions
Suggested References

Chapter 11 Scalp Reconstruction
Scalp Reconstruction
Facial Analysis
Preoperative Considerations
Postoperative Care
Suggested References

Chapter 12 Postoperative Care, Complications, and Adjunctive Scar Camouflage
Postoperative Dressings
Tissue Adhesives
Technique for Application of Tissue Adhesive
Long-Term Scar Care
Scar Camouflage
Scar Revision Techniques
Suggested References

Chapter 13 Complications of Local Flaps: Prevention and Management
Patient Factors
Surgical Technique
Flap Design
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