From Toe to Head: Chinese Style Foot Massage for Common Illnesses

Wang Fu-chun

Dean of Acupuncture and Massage College
Changchun University of Chinese Medicine
Changchun, China

With over 794 illustrations, From Toe to Head: Chinese Style Foot Massage for Common Illnesses is a hands-on guide that addresses 33 common diseases that can be cured through foot massage. This book details 15 manipulation techniques, provides helpful advice for diet and exercise and takes you step-by-step through information rarely shown about foot massage. This is not just a way to learn more about an ancient practice, but a manual with practical methods for every day usage.

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Book Details

264 pages
794 illustrations


203 mm x 270 mm

Publication Date May 2008

Practitioners and students of tui na, patients seeking self-massage manual

ISBN 9787117090926