Health Cultivation in Chinese Medicine

Liu Zhan-wen

Professor of TCM
Vice-Dean, Dong Fang College
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Beijing, China

Mark L. Mondot, BA LAc

Translator and Editor
People’s Medical Publishing House
Beijing, China

Niu Xin

Professor of TCM
University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Beijing, China

One of the volumes in the International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine series, Health Cultivation in Chinese Medicine introduces the basic theories and history of health cultivation in Chinese medicine. For thousands of years, practices for maintaining good health and prolonging life have been part of Chinese culture.

Health Cultivation in Chinese Medicine is arranged in 20 chapters. Methods of health cultivation are described in chapters on spirit, diet, medicinal substances, sexual life, sleep, exercises, bathing, tui na, and qi gong. The last section of the volume explains health cultivation regarding the four seasons, constitution, individuality, and proper body care and personal hygiene.

The editors present a volume suitable for a doctorate degree program in both Chinese medicine and integrative health education environments.

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487 pages


7.25 in. x 10.25 in.
18.5 x 26 cm

Publication Date May 2012

Students, instructors, and practitioners of Chinese medicine and integrative health practices

ISBN 9787117149228