Herpes Zoster:
Help from Chinese Medicine

Ye Xiao
Carl Stimson

This patient education series brings valuable instructions on having the most appropriate lifestyle, diet, exercise, and home therapies when diagnosed with an ailment. It clearly explains the basics of Chinese medical theory and gives a step by step guide to Chinese medical treatment, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na.

This volume, Herpes Zoster: Help from Chinese Medicine, is an introductory and illustrated book on how Chinese Medicine can help sufferers of Herpes Zoster (also known as Shingles) through acupuncture, herbs, exercise, and diet.

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Book Details

132 pages


180 mm x 200 mm

Publication Date January 2008

Patients and students of TCM with an interest in remedies and therapies for herpes zoster

ISBN 9787117097499