Inside Public Psychiatry

Selby C. Jacobs, MD MPH

Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
Yale University School of Medicine
Past Director, Connecticut Mental Health Center
New Haven, Connecticut

Inside Public Psychiatry is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand both the historical context of public psychiatry and what the future might hold.

Most people with serious mental illness are seen in the public sector of psychiatry, and the significance of psychiatric treatment in the public sector is best understood one person at a time. This book tells the story of public psychiatry with examples from the author’s experience running Connecticut Mental Health Center (CMHC), one of the country’s premier public mental health centers.

  • Written with examples from direct experience to illuminate the practice of psychiatry in the public setting.
  • Inside Public Psychiatry suggests a plan for the future of public sector psychiatry and serves as a model to centers throughout North America and abroad.
Chapter 1: The Significance of Public Psychiatry and an Overview
Chapter 2: A Brief History of Modern Public Psychiatry
Chapter 3: The State/University Partnership and the Connecticut Mental Health Center
Chapter 4: The Community Mental Health Movement and the CMHC, 1966 to 1982
Chapter 5: The Community Support and System Development Period and CMHC, 1982 to 1993
Chapter 6: The Period of Mainstreaming and CMHC, 1993 to 2003
Chapter 7: The Period of Transformation and CMHC, 2003 to the Present
Chapter 8: Future Directions in Public Psychiatry
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244 pages


6 in. x 9 in.

Publication Date May 2011

Psychiatrists, public sector mental health professionals, residents

ISBN 9781607951131