Physical Examination of the Heart and Circulation

Joseph K. Perloff, MD

Streisand/American Heart Association Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics Emeritus Founding Director Ahmanson/UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center UCLA School of Medicine Los Angeles, California

Physical Examination of the Heart and Circulation provides the reader with the results of Dr. Perloff’s extensive experience in employing ordinary bedside methods, which in his words, “beautifully supplement the remarkable laboratory techniques that have done so much to reveal the meanings and increase the diagnostic value of cardiovascular physical signs.”
The cardiovascular physical examination is described from birth to senescence, and includes physical appearance, the arterial pulse, the jugular venous pulse, the peripheral veins, percussion, palpation and observation of the precordium, cardiac auscultation, the thorax, lungs, and abdomen. No organ system lends itself better to a close association between signs, structure, and function than the heart and circulation.

Text descriptions of clinical examination and phonocardiogram images enhanced by sound recordings of auscultatory signs are currently unavailable at a dedicated website. A new site is under construction.

Physical Examination of the Heart and Circulation received a 5-star, 100 score from Doody’s Review Service. See review below.

Doody's 5-Star Rating

Chapter 1: Introduction with a Brief Historical Survey
Chapter 2: Physical Appearance
Chapter 3: The Arterial Pulse
Chapter 4: The Jugular and Peripheral Veins
Chapter 5: The Movements of the Heart-Percussion, Observation, Palpation
Chapter 6: Auscultation-The Audible Language of the Heart
Chapter 7: The Chest
Chapter 8: The Abdomen

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Reviewer: Zehra Jaffery, MD (Ochsner Clinic Foundation)

This is the fourth edition of an excellent handbook describing techniques of cardiovascular physical examination.

Intended as a teaching tool, the book details methods of bedside physical examination for daily clinical practice.

It is written for students, cardiology fellows in training, and practicing clinicians.

The book starts with a brief history of commonly used methods in physical examination. It covers all aspects of physical examination, from physical appearance, examination of the arterial and venous pulse, and palpation of the precordium, and includes a very well written chapter on the auscultation of the heart. Information is presented in the form of figures and phonocardiograms for easy understanding. Frequent quotes from the original descriptors of auscultatory signs bring readers closer to a distinguished past.

This is an excellent book for students, cardiology fellows in training, and practicing clinicians faced with assessment and management of cardiovascular patients.

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286 pages


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Publication Date September 2009

Cardiologists, residents, family and general practitioners

ISBN 9781607950233
Supplementary Material Link Auscultation video and sound clips