Practical Practice Solutions in Dentistry: Building Your Successful Future

Sheri B. Doniger, DDS

Author and Dentist in private practice
Lincolnwood, Illinois

Practical Practice Solutions in Dentistry: Building Your Successful Future provides a broad overview of how to start a business and be successful. With contributions from industry experts sharing real-life lessons learned in the management of dentistry offices, this volume delivers a comprehensive practice management resource.

The editor, Dr. Sheri B. Doniger, sets a course to collect expert advice on basic and complex concepts for dentists starting out as small business owners. The chapter contributors provide readers with dental industry voices sharing information from a first-hand viewpoint. Chapters offer strategies for business topics such as negotiating leases, hiring and team training, and billing and dental coding.

Practical Practice Solutions in Dentistry: Building Your Successful Future will be useful for instruction, for use in seminars, and to dental students and practicing clinicians.

Chapter 1. Key Strategies to a Successful Dental Practice by Allen M. Schiff, Dental CPA

Chapter 2. The Eight Biggest Practice Management Mistakes That Dentists Make by Kevin C. Henry

Chapter 3. How to Build a Profitable Practice from the Ground Up by Roger P. Levin, DDS

Chapter 4. Overview of Dental Partnerships by Patrick J. Wood, Esq.

Chapter 5. How Do You Forge a Relationship with a Bank? by Larry W. Gibson

Chapter 6. Secrets of Negotiating a Great Office Lease (What the Landlord Does Not Want You to Know) by Steven D. Caudill

Chapter 7. Protect your Assets with Internal Controls by Elaine A. Pesavento, CPA, MST, CFE, CGMA

Chapter 8. Ethics and State Law by Suzanne U. Stucki-McCormick, MS, DDS

Chapter 9. What Does Your Future Hold: Vision Statements to Policy and Procedure Manuals by Sunny N. Stewart, MBA, PhD and Suzanne U. Stucki-McCormick, MS, DDS

Chapter 10. How to Start a Solo Practice by Lilia Larin, DDS

Chapter 11. Forensic Hiring: Put Applicants under the Microscope and Solve “The Mystery of the Revolving Door” by Jan Keller

Chapter 12. Utilizing the Dental Team (State Laws, investing in team training) by Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, CDIA, MADAA

Chapter 13. Technology in Dentistry (tentative title and placement) by Paul Feuerstein, DDS

Chapter 14. Path to Paperless by Dayna Johnson

Chapter 15. Successful Online Strategies by Brad Newman

Chapter 16. Dental Benefits: Will You or Won’t You? Patient Billing and Dental Benefit Company Relations by Sheri B. Doniger, DDS

Chapter 17. Dental Coding by Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

Chapter 18. Dentistry as a Niche Business by Jean Furuyama, DDS

Chapter 19. Dentistry—Working with Manufacturers and Industry by Michael McCarthy

Chapter 20. Practice Transitions by Sarah K. Lynch


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376 pages


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Publication Date November 2017

Dentistry students, dentists

ISBN 9781607951933
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