Shang Han Lun Study Guide

Engin Can a.k.a. Zhang En-qin

Professor Shandong University of TCM Jinan, China

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Shang Han Lun Study Guide — based on Dr. Engin Can’s (Zhang En qin) lectures for graduates and undergraduates at Middlesex University, London, UK — provides readers with an organic connection between the theory and clinical applications of Shang Han Lun theory.

The text aims to help international TCM students and readers understand Shang Han Lun theory with study methods describing the differentiation and treatment of the six-channel diseases, the original preparation and administration of formulas, and current application and pharmaceutical research on formulas.

Formulas have been described with Chinese and English names, ingredients, preparation and administration, action, explanation, current clinical applications, current pharmacologic research, and caution.

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276 pages


6 in. x 9 in.

Publication Date January 2013

Practitioners, students of TCM and classic texts

ISBN 9787117157780