TCM Case Studies: Internal Medicine

Liu Bai-yan

Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Changsha, China

Suzanne Robidoux

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Beijing, China

Ye Xiao

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Hangzhou, China

In this volume of the International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine series, the editors of TCM Case Studies: Internal Medicine feature over 100 studies of clinical cases presented with clear and detailed analysis of 40 commonly seen diseases and disorders such as diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, post-stroke sequelae, insomnia, epilepsy, emaciation, rheumatoid arthritis. The cases are described by experts on the theory, treatment principles and methods in the clinical use of medicinals, formulas, acupuncture, and moxibustion.

To deepen the level of understanding, comprehension questions have been added at the end of each chapter with detailed answers.

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426 pages


7.3 in. x 10.2 in.

Publication Date December 2014

Practitioners and students of Traditional Chinese Medicine

ISBN 9787117200035