The Effective Clinical Neurologist

Louis R. Caplan, MD

Professor of Neurology
Harvard Medical School
Division of Cerebrovascular Disease
Boston, Massachusetts
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts

Joshua Hollander, MD

Professor Emeritus
Department of Neurology
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Rochester General Hospital
Rochester, New York

The Effective Clinical Neurologist presents the most systematic guide available for the doctor or medical student learning the art of the neurological examination and treatment. The patient-centered method is presented in logical steps, walking the reader through the process in a clear and detailed, yet personal style. The authors begin by placing neurological medicine in its current cultural and economic environment and progress to presenting the specific process of interacting with the patient.

This book is the only guide to the art of achieving optimal doctor–patient interaction and communication, which are essential to the practicing neurologist. The third edition of this classic reference includes the impact of electronic communication and incorporates technological advances that can be applied to the neurological evaluation.

This edition is organized into four parts, beginning with a section on the clinician–neurologist and the scope, methods, and uniqueness of this area of medicine. Part II focuses on the patient encounter – the taking of a history, systemic and neurological examination, interpretation of tests, giving the patient information, and conducting the “dismissal interview.”

Case examples illustrate the methods discussed. Part III presents the various types of encounters that occur, including those that involve inpatient care, outpatient care, consultations, and the inclusion of medical students and other trainees. Medico-legal aspects of neurological care are also presented. Part IV concludes with a summing up of the approach to patient care that is presented in the book and offers 10 Commandments of Doctoring.

The Effective Clinical Neurologist achieved a 97 Doody’s score.

Doody's 5-Star Rating

  • The only complete guide to physician-patient interaction in the neurology practice.
  • Gives the student the benefit of a skilled physician’s wealth of experience and wisdom in a readable, interesting, and attractive format.
  • Cases are presented as stories and the humanity of patient and physician is emphasized.


Preface and Introduction for the 1st edition

Preface to the 2nd edition

Part I. The Clinician-Neurologist

Chapter 1. The Clinician- Neurologist: Scope, Methods, and Uniqueness

Part II. The Patient Encounter

Chapter 2. General strategies
Chapter 3. History taking
Chapter 4. The general systemic and neurological examinations
Chapter 5. Recording and reporting the results of the history and examinations
Chapter 6. Ordering and interpreting tests
Chapter 7. Treatment: what neurologists can offer patients
Chapter 8. Diagnosis and diagnostic errors
Chapter 9. Physician–Patient communication and “summation discussions”

Part III. Types of Encounters

Chapter 10. Inpatient care
Chapter 11. Outpatient care
Chapter 12. Consultations
Chapter 13. Medical students, house officers, trainees, and academia
Chapter 14. Medicolegal aspects of Neurological care

Part IV. Summing Up

Chapter 15. Tying things together – last words
Chapter 16. The 10 Commandments of Doctoring

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350 pages


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Publication Date December 2010

Neurologists, family practice physicians, medical students

ISBN 9781607951001