Tibetan Herbal Legends

Sgrol Dkar Skyabs

Associate Chief Physician of Tibetan Medicine

Rin Chen Dbang Rgyal

Pharmacist of Tibetan Medicine

The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau – home to the Tibetan people and many unique varieties of flora and fauna, – is also the home of many legends and fairy tales. These tales, told for generations, formed the basis for the transmission of Tibetan medicine through the years. The author has spent years collecting and analyzing these tales.

Tibetan Herbal Legends presents a brief introduction to Tibetan medicine, its materia medica (botanical and mineral), and stories of 31 Tibetan medicinals. Each story of the 31 medicinals includes their common English name, distributions, actions, characteristics, dosage and administration, as well as the colorful tale behind the medicinal.

Richly illustrated, with a glossary of terms, index, and history of Tibetan medicine, Tibetan Herbal Legends will be of interest to those interested in Eastern medicine, Tibetologists, and herbalists.

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170 pages, 150 illustrations


133 mm x 215 mm

Publication Date September 2009

Herbalists, students of herbal medicine, Tibetologists

ISBN 9787117092166